Mrs. Grinch amigurumi free crochet pattern

The Happy Grinch is happier now, he got a mate! Introducing Mrs. Happy Grinch! Welcome to the third edition of amigurumi Christmas Ornaments! This year, once again the collection has four characters! You can check out this cute Snowman, the first one to be online! I hope you enjoy it!

If you don’t know the first edition yet, I invite you to meet the Happy Grinch, Mini Santa Claus, Little Elf, and Chubby Reindeer! And the second edition, meet Mrs. Claus, Gingerbread Man, Chubby Penguin, and the Nutcracker!

All of these patterns are available for free here on the website and also there is a low-cost and ad-free printable version for purchase on Etsy and Ravelry.

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Mrs. Grinch amigurumi free pattern


Finish size: 11cm or (about) 4,3 inches

For a low cost, ad-free and printable pattern, you can find it in Ravelry here!

And on Etsy here!

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With green yarn start,

1 rnd  6sc in a magic ring

2 rnd  (1inc, 2sc) repeat 2 times Total 8sts

3 rnd  8sc

• Change to white,

4 rnd  8sc

• Change to red

5 to 9 rnd  8sc

10 rnd  4sc crocheting the sides together, closing the arm

• Cut the yarn, fasten it off and make another one.

• Leave on side for now.


With green yarn start,

1 rnd  6sc in a magic ring

2 rnd  6inc Total 12sts

3 rnd  12bpsc

4 and 5 rnd  12sc

• Cut the yarn and fasten off.

• Make another one following the same instructions.

• Don’t fasten off the second leg and connect the two legs by inserting the loop of the needle inside one stitch of the first leg, following,

6 rnd  24sc (12 from each leg)

7 rnd  (1sc, 1inc) repeat 12 times Total 36sts

8 rnd   36sc

• Change to red  yarn,

9 rnd    36sc

10 rnd  36blsc

11 rnd   (1sc, 1dec) repeat 12 times Total 24sts

12 and 13 rnd  24sc

14 rnd   (2sc, 1dec) repeat 6 times Total 18sts

15 and 16 rnd 18sc

17 rnd   4sc, 4sc connecting with the arm, 4sc, 4sc connecting with the other arm, 2sc

18 rnd   18sc

• Stop here to start adding stuffing material in Mrs. Grinch.

• Change to green yarn,

19 rnd  18blsl

• For the next round, you will work the increases in the remaining front loop from round 18 (the red loop). This will make round 19 stand inside the toy.

20 rnd  18FLinc Total 36sts

21 rnd  (5sc, 1inc) repeat 6 times Total 42sts

22 to 26 rnd   42sc

27 rnd   5sc, (1sc 1dec) repeat 12 times, 1sc Total 30sts

28 to 30 rnd  30sc

31 rnd   (3sc, 1dec) repeat 6 times Total 24sts

32 rnd   24sc

33 rnd  (2sc, 1dec) repeat 6 times Total 18sts

• Stop here to finish stuffing Mrs. Grinch.

34 rnd  18sc

35 rnd  (1sc, 1dec) repeat 6 times Total 12sts

36 rnd   12BLsc

• Cut the yarn and fasten it off.


Attach the red yarn in the remaining front loop of round 9, on the backside of the toy and start crocheting,

1 rnd  (1sc, 1inc) repeat 18 times Total 54sts

2 rnd  (1sc, 1inc) repeat 27 times Total 81 sts

3 rnd  (2sc, 1inc) repeat 27 times Total 108sts

• Change to white,

4 rnd  108blsl

• Cut the yarn and fasten off.


Attach the green yarn in one remaining front loop from round 35 and start crocheting the hair.

For the hair, you will chain 17. Skip the first chain and make (1sc, 1inc) repeat 6 times, 4sc. Join with a slip stitch and repeat this process 12 times (all around her head, in the 12 front loops).

Cut the yarn and fasten it off. Sew each hair string on her head and use the 2 central pieces of hair to style the front side.


  1. Embroider the eyes in round 29, leaving 3 stitches between them.
  2. Make two lines on the side of the eyes with a piece of yellow color.
  3. Embroider the nose two rounds under the eye, in the central part of the face.
  4. Embroider a big smile starting in round 26 and going down until between rounds 22 and 21.
  5. Cut about 12 pieces of green yarn 8cm / 3 inches long and attach them to Mrs. Grinch’s hair. With the sewing needle, open the yarn plys.
  6. With white yarn, embroider two XS in the center of her chest, leaving one round distance between them.

Your Mrs. Grinch amigurumi Christmas ornament is ready!

I hope you enjoy this pattern, and if you have any questions or comments in general, leave them in the comment box below.

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See you next time!



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