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No-sew mini Crochet Heart free pattern

No-sew mini Crochet Heart free pattern

If you know me, you already know that I am a big fan of no-sew amigurumi patterns. And here at Little Crochet Farm, you can find a couple of beautiful and easy no-sew free amigurumi patterns! Today I share my version of a no-sew mini amigurumi heart! This crochet project is so fast that before you know it, is done! And you will catch yourself crocheting mini no-sew amigurumi hearts in all colors available in your yarn stash!

Hello there! My name is Ana! Welcome to Little crochet farm.

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Before we start, I leave a link to all the stitches tutorials I used to complete this pattern. If you are a complete beginner or not familiar with some techniques, there is a blog post with step-by-step images with descriptions and video tutorials.

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No-sew mini Heart amigurumi free pattern


Finish size: 5cm or (about) 2 inches

For a low cost (3 USD), add-free and printable pattern, you can find it in Ravelry here!

And on Etsy here!

Terms and abbreviations (US terms):

Single crochet (sc): insert the hook into the stitch, pull up a loop yarn over the needle, you will have two loops on the hook, yarn over the needle and pull it through the two loops.

Increase (inc): make two single crochet inside the same stitch.

Decrease (dec): Insert hook into front loop only of next two stitches, yarn under, pull through, you will have two loops on the hook. Yarn under and pull through both loops on the hook.


With the color of your choice start,

1 rnd  6sc in a magic ring

2 rnd  6inc Total 12sts

3 rnd  12sc

•Cut the yarn and fasten it off.

• Make another one following the same instructions.

• Don’t cut the yarn of the second detail. Instead, crochet together with the previously finished detail by introducing the loop of the needle inside one stitch of the finished detail.

4 rnd   24sc (12 from one finished detail plus 12 of the one you were working on it)

5 rnd  24sc

6 rnd  (10sc, 1dec) repeat 2 times Total 22sts

7 rnd  (9sc, 1dec) repeat 2 times Total 20sts

8 rnd  (8sc, 1dec) repeat 2 times Total 18sts

9 rnd  (7sc, 1dec) repeat 2 times Total 16sts

10 rnd  (6sc, 1dec) repeat 2 times Total 14sts

• Stop here for stuffing the heart,

11 rnd  (5sc, 1dec) repeat 2 times Total 12sts

12 rnd  6dec Total 6sts

• Cut the yarn, fasten it off, and hide the remaining tail inside the heart.


Your no-sew tiny heart amigurumi is ready!

I hope you enjoy this pattern, and if you have any questions or comments in general, leave them in the comment box below.

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