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How to close crochet toy

Hello there, my name is Ana. Welcome to Little crochet farm!

I will show you how to close a crochet toy. There are different ways out there to finish off an amigurumi ball but here, you will find what I think is the best and more neat way.

In this blog post, there are step-by-step images with descriptions on how to fasten off and, in the end, there is a video where I explain everything while doing it. So we can practice together!

If you prefer a video, scroll down to the end of this post, you will go straight to the video.

And, if you are a beginner, check this part of my blog where I share all the amigurumi basics you need to make a crochet toy!

If you want more posts for crochet toys beginners and amigurumi beginners, check this part of the blog where you will find all the crochet basics you should know to start your crochet toy today!

Here I leave you with a list with other tutorials that might help you

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The biggest secret it’s right at beginning! Instead of finishing with 6SC (last row 6dec), stop your work at one row before the ending (1sc, 1dec total 12sc).

With a sewing needle, insert the yarn in the front loop of two SC. Like when you are doing the invisible decrease.

Repeat this process all across your stitches. Inserting the yarn in the front loop of the two stitches. You will make this 6 times (total of the 12sc you have in your work).

Pull tight the yarn once you are done.

Now that your crochet ball is closed. Start making a circle around the last row, inserting the yarn 2 by 2 stitches. This will make the last row a little bit more “fat”, giving a better shape of your row.

Again pull tight the yarn.

Hide the remaining yarn inside the central part of the detail. Cut the leftover, and use your hands to shape your amigurumi detail!

I hope this post was useful to you and that you like my chosen way of finish off a crochet toy.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comment box below, I will be happy to help you!



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