Mini Cupcake crochet pattern

What about a delightful amigurumi cupcake?

Super versatile! Use your imagination to combine colors, flavors, and emotional faces!  Make it as a keychain, a charm, a cute gift, or a magnet!

Very your materials to achieve bigger sizes, smaller sizes, and different texture!

The possibility here is infinite! Perfect fast project for a craft fair, a last-minute gift, or even a stress relief activity!

Best of all, it’s a 30min project! 

No wait, the best of all is NO SEWING required!

Grab your add-free printable pattern on Ravelry or Etsy for 3USD and have it with you all the time.

Or, check out the free version here!

Fancy a free pattern? Check out this awesome list!

Just click in the image and go straight to the pattern! Easy-peasy!

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