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The Best of Star Wars amigurumi

(photo credit: the nomad knot)

As a fan of Star Wars, I will gather my top selection of Star Wars-inspired amigurumi patterns.

Here you will find paid and free patterns, and a suitable range of amigurumi skills, from beginners to advanced crocheters!

I hope you enjoy this selection! I will be adding more and uploading more as I test them, so be sure to return if you want to keep updated on this list! 

1- Jawa free amigurumi pattern

Starting with this super cute Jawa version from The Nomad Knot! The pattern is available for free on the website and, if you wish for a version with a photo tutorial, you can purchase it for a low cost! It is a beautiful version, very well thought out, and super easy to crochet!

1- Darth Vader amigurumi pattern

I could not let Darth Vader out of this list, and this one is my favorite! I have done so many of these as a gift to my friends! I even have done Darth Vader to a couple that was having their first baby and the baby room was all Star Wars themed! They were thrilled! This Darth Vader is a paid pattern from The Nomad Knot and you can find more information about it on the website here!

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