White Rabbit crochet free amigurumi pattern

One more pattern from Wonderland Collection! Today I share the White Rabbit! And if you haven’t yet, you can check out the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter, which are already online!  Hello there! My name is Ana! Welcome to Little crochet farm. Here, I share my crochet creations around nursery décor, amigurumi and crochet toys for … Read more

Little Panda free amigurumi pattern

Searching for a cute tiny Panda? A beautiful stuffed animal! You found it! Or just a fast crochet project, or maybe just a cute kawaii amigurumi?! This is the place for you!  Today I share this crochet mini Panda amigurumi free pattern! The best part is fast to crochet! Hello there! My name is Ana! … Read more

Chubby Hippo free amigurumi pattern

If you know Little Crochet Farm, you know already that I love to create chubby animals! Chubby lion is the favorite from the crowd, chubby bunny super easy and cute and take a look at the chubby frog prince, he is amazing! Last week was the Chubby Unicorn and Chubby Tiger turn and today, I introduce to you the Chubby Hippo! Hello there! My name … Read more