Mini Grinch Crochet Christmas ornament PART 2
7K views · Nov 4, 2022
Complete Mini Grinch amigurumi crochet tutorial!!! The first of 5 amigurumi Christmas ornament tutorial!

00:00 Finishing the head
04:24 Embroidering the eyes, smile and eyebrows 
11:12 Scarf 
14:43 Attaching the scarf

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Now, I leave here the links for every stitch or technique I used for this Happy Grinch crochet ornament. So, in case I mention something you don't know, check:

How to do a magic ring:
How to single crochet in the round:
How to increase single crochet:
How to invisible decrease in amigurumi crochet toys:
What is BLSL (back loop slip stitch):
Guide to different color changes technique:
What is front loop single crochet:
Perfect way to fasten off amigurumi:

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